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Sodexo employee standing in a kitchen

People with disabilities

Recruit, engage, develop and provide accommodations for employees with special needs.

Did you know that Mental health conditions are among the leading cause of disability around the world?



At Sodexo, we’re committed to providing a work environment where people can bring their whole selves to work – this includes those with visible and invisible disabilities, often a source of untapped talent. Diversity and inclusion is fundamental to our business strategy and a cornerstone of our culture. In 2015, Sodexo committed to providing 100% of its workforce with access to programs for people with disabilities by the year 2025. This means that in all countries where Sodexo operates, we will establish measurable initiatives to promote the recruitment, engagement and development of people with disabilities (PWD), within the parameters local laws and policies.

In celebrating the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities on Dec. 3., 2018, Sodexo has focused on raising awareness on mental health through the initiative: Open our minds on mental health.


Opening the dialogue on mental health is key to create a mentally healthy workplace that is beneficial for everyone. These benefits are numerous: building and inclusive and truly diverse workforce, attracting and retaining top talent – workers see the mental health of a workplace as a key element when choosing where they want to work -, a more engaged workforce, reduced costs due to absenteeism and better productivity.


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